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Hi! I'm Robin Cressy, the guy behind the camera. My passion for video production began in 1987 when I starting shooting video of town league ski races at Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe. It was so much fun. In those early years, I used to edit my ski videos by connecting two VCR's together, pressing "play" on one VCR, and "record" on the other. It wasn't perfect, but again, the fun factor was there and my friends liked my stuff. Now, some decades later, it's still fun. 75% of my video productions involve the ski/snowboard industry, but I also do wedding videos, corporate video, real estate video and other sports related videos, etc. I even shot and edited a short movie (horror/comedy) for my 30-year high school reunion in 2013. In a nutshell, this is what I do. Hire me!

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