It was July of 1982....summer before senior year.  Sunset's class of '83, Bryan Constans (BC), wrote and directed the original "Day of the Blood Mutant" short movie, starring Michael Collier, as the blood mutant. 

Some 3 decades later, rumors were swirling about a possible sequel.  BC starting brainstorming ideas which eventually lead to a rough draft script.  He teamed up with fellow '83 alum Robin Cressy, who had access to a camcorder and a microphone.

Shooting began on March 23, 2013.....Release date:  August 10, 2013 (at the 30-year reunion yo!)

         REUNION of the BLOOD MUTANT


Movie Reviews:

The Blood Mutant movie was just dumb enough to be pretty funny. Good work. ~Mark Swartzfager

Does the Blood Mutant have his own Facebook page? 'Cos I totally want to friend him. ~Ruth Preston

Enjoy some of the finest acting in the history of cinema!!! Two thumbs up to Dane Poorman's dramatic turn, and Rod Thornburg will shock you in a haunting twist!
  Christy Bennett still absolutely rocks that cheerleader go girl
~Matt Poorman

I laughed so hard at the you and your Son's part Matt Poorman!
Definitely needs to go down in the Poorman's history ~Cristina Horton Foushee

JOLEEN! Didn't all those 80's horror movies teach you anything!? DON'T OPEN THE DOOR!!!
~Tina Jacky

Bravo! Well done! ~David Katsules

WOW.... fantastic job..... enjoy it all   CONGRATS to all of you....... 30 years! Thanks for sharing ~Pete Lukich (Sunset's Athletic Director)

Can’t believe I watched this but I have to admit … you’re 30 year reunion was way cooler than mine  ~Sarah DeArmond Jones

Watched Mutant for second time … well done! Your scenes and comedic timing genius! Can’t get enough of “candy gram” scene.” ~ Ben Odenborg

I just watched your film and boy, did it make me smile! ~ John Fenscak 

Greg Walker was telling me that his brother Steve Walker watched it and loved it and now all the other classes feel like they need to up the ante and make reunion movies.  J  Once again the genius and forethought of Robin Cressy.

Rod Thornburgh also told me his sister loved it.

That was a treat.  Regards
~ John Huelskamp, Principal, Sunset High School

Love you guys!! You did such a good job with this. Wish we could re live those days back in 83! ~ Sue Thacker Purser





Behind the scenes, Part I


Behind the scenes, Part II


Behind the scenes, Part III


Behind the scenes, Part IV

Reunion of the Blood Mutant Trailer

Brainstorming notes, April 1, 2012




Starring (in alphabetical order)
Christy Bennett-Hanes
Brian Berchtold
Joleen Brann
Michael Collier
Bryan Constans
Robin Cressy
Denise Esnault-McCay
Cristina Horton-Foushee
Shelly Lyda-Elston
Pete Miller
Ben Odenborg
Mark Pedersen
Matthew Poorman
Ruth Preston
Sue Thacker-Fast
Rodney Thornburg
Greg Walker

Special Appearances by:
Katie Constans
Dane Poorman



1982's classic: Day of the Blood Mutant