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Stay Healthy my Friends!
Vitamin & Mineral protocol for Covid-19

Hey Robin,
I just watched it! I like it very much! And, I think you really focused on the most important supplements as well! I especially liked the end which is to say that you can believe in both COVID ***AND*** take supplements - this isn't a choice of either/or, it's a BOTH. And, also, that Nature never lets us get off with a "magic pill". It is sad that the message that has been missed (one of them anyway) these past 18 months is GET HEALTHY! Take some responsibility for your health - learn a **small*** amount about it (made all the easier by your video) and take a few small pills (or liquids) every day even if you choose not to improve your diet! I really enjoyed it! Do you plan to try to push it out to more people? Best, Melissa
(Health Practioner, North Carolina)

Great video.
PS I take the same liquid vitamin C you show at the end of the film. I also take 5000 IUs of vitamin D daily. 
PSS Did you hear that there is a bill that either just passed, or is in congress that will only allow people to get vitamin D by prescription from their doctor? I just bought a bunch at the local pharmacy. Scary times Cressy.

I had Cliff watch the video. He took immediate action by checking his supplements to see if he if they had C, D, Zinc and Magnesium. He also checked his lab work to see his vitamin D level. He looked up foods that contained the immunity boosting vitamins. So he was definitely positively affected by your video! :)